A Gift From THE BUCKET LIST FAMILY and HOOPES VISION : #gifttoseetheworld 


Do you know anyone who needs LASIK corrective eye surgery but can't afford it? This may be your chance to help them.


This Christmas season, The Bucket List Family is working together with Hoopes Vision in Draper, Utah to gift free LASIK surgery to 5 individuals in need.


As a family, we've been very blessed to see the world together and we're always looking for special ways to share with others. It was about 1 year ago when Jessica received her LASIK operation and she still considers it one of the best purchases she's ever made!! We hope these gifts will help others see the beauty of our world more clearly. 


This is not a promotion or sweepstakes or contest. Just a simple gift in the Spirit of Christmas. Nothing is required to submit a friend or even yourself. If you would like to help out, you can definitely assist by spreading the word on social media. Share a link to this page and use the hashtag #gifttoseetheworld :)


Here is a form to submit your name or the name of someone you know :





We will collect names and stories throughout the month of December. We will choose 5 individuals for this special gift on Christmas day. We understand the monetary and meaningful value of these gifts and will be very thoughtful and prayerful as we make these decisions. 




We're pretty simple people. A young family of 4. In August of 2015, we decided to sell everything and leave our small home in Provo, Utah for an adventure around the world! We're not sure how long we'll travel for. We're just kinda going for it :) So far, we've had the opportunity to experience Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, and more! You can find more about us on our Instagram, YouTube, and website. 


Jessica received LASIK corrective eye surgery 2 years ago and she claims "it was the best thing she ever purchased."  She hopes that this will mean as much to someone else as it has for her.  




Hoopes Vision is one of the premier surgical vision correction centers in the United States. Equally as important, they are just really good people. When we first had the idea to gift LASIK surgery to others, we began reaching out to LASIK institutions all over the world! To our surprise, Hoopes Vision was the only one to respond! They immediately connected with our hopes to serve others and together, make this Christmas season extra special. We are grateful to the kind folks at Hoopes Vision and are sincerely proud to be working together with them to provide this gift to others. 


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Here is the fine print for people who like to dive deep into rules and also to keep us, The Bucket List Family perfectly safe from drama and legal issues. 

- No purchase necessary of anything to participate. 

- This isn't a contest so therefore there are no "entries". But, if you are unable to fill out our google form, you can email us at thebucketlistfamily@gmail.com or you can mail us a letter to whichever country we are currently residing. That is an alternative way to participate. 

- To be eligible or considered, individuals must live within or be willing to travel to the state of Utah where Hoopes Vision operates. We wish we could make this gift more available to more people all around the world but unfortunately at this time we are limited to only working with the good people of Hoopes Vision in the state of Utah where they operate. 

- We will begin considering individuals on Dec 1, 2015 and we hope to complete our choices by Christmas, December 25, 2015. That is our hope and our plan, but it may be extended into 2016 as we are simply trying to do something good and we are unsure of what obstacles may come up along the way or what will be best for this well intentioned act of kindness. 

- This gift is from Garrett and Jessica and Dorothy and Manilla Gee of The Bucket List Family. All individuals named are free from responsibility and are not liable for any legal or medical problems that may arise. As the family is currently traveling around the world, no solid home address is currently available. But a really solid email address is thebucketlistfamily@gmail.com.

- The plan is to fund 5 operations. That is what we will try to accomplish. It is not a legal liability if circumstances change and we are unable to gift all 5 operations. But we will try our very best. The estimated value or cost is approximately $20,000. This is purely a kind gift. It is not a prize. It is not a promotion. It is not a sweepstakes or a contest. Simply a gift. The odds of receiving said gift will depend on the amount of names and stories submitted. If you do not receive the gift, that is okay, you should not be angry or take any negative actions. Instead, we suggest being happy for the individuals that did receive the gift. Never take legal action. Have courage and be kind.

- All 5 gifts being offered will hopefully be chosen before Christmas day Dec 25, 2015. Those chosen will be notified by email or Snapchat, or Instagram, or telephone, or maybe in person. Whatever is best and makes the event most special and memorable for all parties involved. 

- The individuals chosen for this gift will not be chosen at random. Rather, we will carefully read over each name and story we receive, then we will discuss, and consider, and pray, and discuss some more and then we will choose 5 individuals who we sincerely feel good about. We definitely wish we could gift this operation to every individual in need, but for now we can unfortunately only offer this gift to 5. Also, please understand that not everyone with vision problems is eligible for LASIK surgery. Many things like pregnancy or being too young can unfortunately exclude you from eligibility. 

- After we have chosen 5 individuals to receive this gift, we will ask their permission to post their names to our website or blog or Instagram. If they do not give us permission then we will respectfully leave their names anonymous and that is not a problem.

- We are human. Therefore, there is a chance that this text and or gift will have errors or typos or mistakes and maybe even legal loopholes. The Bucket List Family has the right to fix any typos or mistakes or cover any loopholes or do anything necessary that will keep them legally safe and free. By participating in any way you give The Bucket List Family compassion and understanding that they only want to do good and they do not wish harm or drama or even disappointment on anyone. By participating, you agree to not take any negative action on The Bucket List Family or any of its individuals. Please be nice. 

Thank you for reading the official rules of the #gifttoseetheworld. You just read a lot of words and that was really cool of you. We hope you have a good day.


The Bucket List Family