HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Merry Christmas from Canada!!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday this week!

As much as we love our home in Hawaii, we just weren't ready for a tropical Christmas. We wanted a White Christmas and that is exactly what we got in Canada! Our first stop was at the Fjallraven store in Banff to purchase some warmer clothes! We celebrated the holiday in lovely Banff and Lake Louise Canada. The area is absolutely gorgeous and so festive this time of year. We rode the gondola in Banff to decorate Christmas cookies and do Christmas crafts. We did some Christmas shopping in downtown Banff. And we had a nice Christmas supper with Santa at the Banff Springs Hotel. We were able to get up to Lake Louise and do some skiing and tubing. Everyone loved it!

We had a very cozy Christmas in a small cottage in the snowy mountains. We ended our week with an incredible helicopter ride around Banff. It was absolutely stunning with the snowy mountains.

This week was incredible and a Christmas we will never forget. The kids were so excited for Santa to visit and they were all very good children this year. Santa brought them exactly what they asked for. We highly recommend this area for a holiday getaway. It was so special for us and there was so much family friendly stuff to do.

Again, Merry Christmas and we hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Happy Travels,

The Bucket List Family