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We had so many amazing moments in Chile. Our first stop was to the famous Torres del Paine in Patagonia. We stayed at Explora Patagonia which has one of the most breathtaking views we've ever seen. Explora is located right inside the Torres del Paine park and every time we look out the window, we are in awe. The view never gets old.

We had a quick but life changing visit to Santiago. One day, we spent the afternoon about an hour outside of Santiago to partner with LATAM and the non-profit organization, TECHO. TECHO actively helps in 19 countries in Latin America working to overcome poverty. We saw first hand how TECHO has helped. We visited one of these poverty-stricken communities where TECHO had built a community center. They visit twice a week to have activities for children and help the people with other needs. THANK YOU LATAM for taking us all around South America these last few weeks. We hope to be back again soon! Happy Travels, The Bucket List Family HELPFUL LINKS LATAM Airlines :