We were so excited to return home from our couples trip in Greece to the kiddos. Calihan was a little upset that we left him, but he quickly forgave us. We had so much fun but really missed the littles.

We had a few days of enjoying Hawaii at the beach, soccer games and at home before taking off on our next adventure - Disneyland! We surprised our kids with our traditional knock at the door and a "Surprise Bag" like we did in the 30 Stays in 30 Days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM3oq... They were so excited to go back to Mickey Mouse. This time at Disney was extra special.

It was Cali's first time at Disney, Manilla was tall enough for most rides and Dorothy was so excited to dress up as Tinker Bell at Mickey's Halloween Party. We also did a meet-up at Downtown Disney. A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who came! Disney is a very special place for us and we love the magic that our kids experience there. We can't wait to visit again!

Happy travels!!

Sincerely, The Bucket List Family