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We were so excited to return home from our couples trip in Greece to the kiddos. Calihan was a little upset that we left him, but he quickly forgave us. We had so much fun but really missed the littles.

We had a few days of enjoying Hawaii at the beach, soccer games and at home before taking off on our next adventure - Disneyland! We surprised our kids with our traditional knock at the door and a "Surprise Bag" like we did in the 30 Stays in 30 Days. They were so excited to go back to Mickey Mouse. This time at Disney was extra special.

It was Cali's first time at Disney, Manilla was tall enough for most rides and Dorothy was so excited to dress up as Tinker Bell at Mickey's Halloween Party. We also did a meet-up at Downtown Disney. A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who came! Disney is a very special place for us and we love the magic that our kids experience there. We can't wait to visit again!

Happy travels!!

Sincerely, The Bucket List Family




Good morning from Brazil!! This week we visited 3 cities.. Iguazu Falls, Rio De Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

In Iguazu Falls we stayed at the gorgeous Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas. It was so wonderful and our very favorite part was it's location right next to the falls that allowed us to explore peacefully and privately early in the morning!

In Rio De Janeiro we stayed at the amazing Belmond Copacabana Palace. It's right on the beach in the heart of Rio and allowed us to easily explore the beautiful city :

During our travels, we had a 1 night layover in Sao Paulo where we got to stay at Hotel Pullman Guarulhos right next to the airport. They were so kind and welcoming, especially to our children who found some surprise snacks on the beds!




First off, BIG THANK YOU to LATAM for helping us get to South America safe and sound!

We're back in the Galapagos!..this time on our first ever Bucket List Group Expedition!! Ecuador and the Galapagos are one of the few countries that we were so excited to revisit. This time, we brought a few amazing people from our online community. We are SO grateful for the 15 people who joined us this week and some life long friendships and memories. We spent our first few days visiting an orphanage in Guayaquil helping out where we could.

The second half was in the Galapagos exploring the incredible wildlife. Special THANK YOU to Wyndham Guayaquil for hosting us and for generously providing lunch at the orphanage. We are grateful to Galapagos Luxury Charters for showing our crew this special place. If you're headed to the Galapagos, we highly recommend using their charter service! Happy travels to you!! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family



Dominican Republic

Hello from Dominica Republic! We're basically the new Greatest Showman ;) ! We had a really fun and unique week at Club Med Punta Cana. We were really excited for this week and crossed off something we didn't even know was on our Bucket List - JOINING THE CIRCUS!

Club Med offers a program called CREACTIVE where they have Cirque Du Soleil professionals teach their guests some of the skills to be in the circus! We spent the majority of the week learning the TRAPEZE. Club Med has offered a very special PROMO CODE for you to experience #CREACTIVE at one of their properties.

Check it out here: Happy travels to you!! Sincerely, The Bucket List FamilyACCOMODATIONS



costa rica

There's so many ways to see and do Costa Rica and we went with the chill/relaxing/surf/beach style. We stayed at the beautiful Joya Villas in Santa Teresa. We quickly fell in love with this small town.

Our friends Brad and Hailey Devine along with their darling little girls, joined us for a wonderful week. We quickly got into a groove and each day we'd end at Hermosa Beach taking turns surfing, playing in the waves and in the sand.

Also, most adorable girls and women's swimsuits in this video are from the amazing Albion Fit. Use promo code : “BUCKETYT” for some savings at checkout!

Thank you for watching our family travel vlog!! Happy travels to you!!

Sincerely, The Bucket List Family




We spent have this week in a bungalow on land and the other half living on a boat..WITH KIDS!! We made the journey out to the infamous Great Blue Hole to scuba dive and free dive!! Dorothy and Manilla did so great and even Cali dipped his toes in!! 




We've stepped back in time here Cuba and it is amazing! Cuba is a very special country with even more special people. We spent the week driving around in vintage cars, eating at local restaurants and walking around Old Havana. We stayed at an Airbnb with some of the kindest people we've ever met. We had been warned that Cuba could be a difficult country to travel to and may not be safe. We did our research and found out how to obtain a proper visa. It was much easier that we thought. You must go under one of the 12 visa purposes. We went under the "Support the Cuban People." We purchased a $50/person visa at the Fort Lauderdale airport before our flight to Havana. It as very simple. We made sure that everything we did was with and around locals. We stayed at an amazing Airbnb with the kindest host, Maria and Raul. If you go to Cuba, please check out their listing. You won't regret it! Thank you Cuba for showing us your wonderful hospitality and beautiful country. If you're considering going to Cuba, go soon! It won't be like this for too long. Happy Travels! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family /// HELPFUL LINKS /// Travel to Cuba:





We took a break during the holidays to go home and see friends and family.  It was so fun getting a little taste of winter, but we were anxious to get back to our travels and some warm weather.  

Back in December, I made the bad decision to show Garrett an amazing picture of people diving with the Hammerhead sharks.  Next thing I new, Garrett was emailing back and forth with the tour operator, Amanda Cotton.  So, our first stop in The Bahamas was Bimini to dive with the hammerheads!  Those are some beautiful creatures!

Because a lot of our time in the Caribbean would be based around diving, we wanted to give the kiddos a little taste of it for themselves, so we thought Atlantis would be a great choice.  With all the aquariums and wildlife exhibits, we knew our kids would be in heaven.  By the end of our 2 days, Manilla can tell you what a fish, shark, “sting ring,” and turtle say.  Atlantis is an incredible place.  First off, it’s huge.  It’s like the Disneyland of the Caribbean.  Water slides, pools, restaurants, and activities galore!

The highlight for us was when we took Dorothy and Manilla to interact with the Dolphins at Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay.  We were able to get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins.  Dorothy was so excited, mainly because she knew it was mom’s favorite.  They let us feed, dance, swim and kiss the dolphins.  

Our next stop in the Bahamas was to Grand Exuma Island where we stayed at the Grand Isle Resort.  WOW!  This place was amazing.  We stayed in a beautiful beachfront villa.  It had everything we love about a nice resort - a great restaurant, pool, gym, activities and staff.  But our villa also had a kitchen so it gave us the flexibility to be able to have some home cooked meals.  The property is beautiful as it sits right on the peninsula of Emerald Bay and the Emerald Bay Marina.  We had a golf cart to cruise around in and explore which the kids lovvvved.  

The day we arrived we were informed that the upcoming Monday an episode of The Bachelor would feature The Grand Isle.  Most people wouldn’t care...but for Garrett and I whose guilty pleasure is silly reality TV dating shows, we were STOKED.  The resort put on a beautiful event on Monday night for us to watch the episode.  They even gave out prizes for people who could answer Bachelor trivia.  Because Garrett and I were the only ones in the audience who even watch the show, we WON!  We won a few meals at their killer restaurant as well as some items from the gift shop!  So to my mother who told me I should stop watching such trashy television: It was worth it.  Never thought I’d cash out on it. ;)  

One day, Garrett and I were able to go out for a half-day excursion with Exuma Water Sports to go see The Swimming Pigs!  It was also featured on that episode of the Bachelor.  This tour took us to see the same sites that were featured on the show.  We saw the pigs, a small island owned by Nicholas Cage with a ton of lizards, a bunch of star fish, and Garrett's new favorite ocean spot.  Seriously, the water in Exumas is amazing - so crystal clear and nothing but sandy bottoms!  There was a spot that our guide, Ray, called Windex.  It was the color of Windex with rolling hills of sand 20-30 ft down.  It was an incredible day and such a great boat tour.  The Grand Isle helped us schedule a nanny for the day so that Garrett and I could have an adventure out alone, and she was incredible.  

Each day Garrett would take the kids to the pool while I used the gym.  He taught Dorothy how to dive!  (Diving means go under the water). In the afternoons, we would go to the beach and play in the sand.  The Grand Isle provided sand toys and also had paddle boards and kayaks to take out. The water while we were there was pristine and there were zero waves.  

Our days here were perfect.  Such a cozy homes, incredible staff and and we felt like we were home.  I'll always remember our stay here for 2 reasons - 1) Dorothy learned how dive  and 2) We watched my Broncos win Superbowl 50! :) 

We chartered a boat to take us about 2 hours north to Staniel Cay.   We stayed at Embrace Resort which is a small boutique resort.  Staniel Cay is very small and quaint.  It is a true island experience.  Most people use only golf carts to get around. If you go to Staniel Cay, make sure you rent a boat to take you out to the surrounding spots so you can fully enjoy the perfect waters of the Exumas!  

THANK YOU BAHAMAS.  We love your perfect waters.





So, this week was something super special for everyone. Garrett, Dorothy and Manilla had an epic Daddy-Date trip in Jamaica. They stayed at Beaches Resort Negril which was perfect for them. It's an all-inclusive resort where they had all everything taken care of A-Z. They spent plenty of time at the pool, beach, kids club and doing activities all over the resort. They went on a really special day cruise with Island Routes and spent the day snorkeling. Dorothy and Manilla are both super brave in the ocean, we're so proud of them. Meanwhile, Jessica enjoyed a whole week to herself back in Utah. She's just a few weeks away from delivery and spent the time relaxing and nesting before baby G3. She loved having a few days to herself.





Hello from beautiful Switzerland! We are so excited to be back in this gorgeous country! We spent time in an adorable Swiss town in the Alps, Engelberg! We then headed south to revisit a special place we went last year - Valle Verzasca. Garrett wanted to swim in the crystal clear waters and this time Dorothy hopped in too! This week we've partnered with Swiss Airlines for some special things. First, upon our arrival in Switzerland we took a BTS tour of the Zurich airport to see how it all works! Manilla and Dorothy even got to check out a Swiss Airlines cockpit! We flew 11.5 hrs to the USA with the kiddos and they did amazing. Thank you Swiss Airlines for sponsoring our flight! Last but not least, we've teamed up with Swiss Airlines to gift a $2000 airline travel voucher and $1500 cash towards your trip!!

Check out all the details here :

Thanks Switzerland for always amazing us! Safe Travels!

The Bucket List Family