St. Kitts and Nevis are two different islands that make up one country.  So, we had to experience both!!  We left St. Kitts and took a quick 7 minute boat ride to Nevis.  

We were able to do and see so much of Nevis!  Here’s 3 amazing things to do in Nevis:

1)  Spend a day on the water!  

We boarded a catamaran from the Four Seasons and spent a morning off the Coast of St. Kitts.  Garrett and I usually don’t take kids out with us on water activities, but we did with this.  I’m so glad!  Manilla was so stoked and loves to be going fast.  Dorothy loved to play in the ocean.  She wasn’t even afraid.  She was a little upset when we made her wear her life jacket because mermaids don’t wear life jackets.  We all were able to get in the water thanks to an incredible crew at Leeward Island Charters!  They were so helpful and kind with our children.  The sunny, wavy ride back to Nevis made everyone pass out.  

2) Take a tour of the island

Tours can be rough on kids (and on my Garrett Gee, haha).  HOWEVER, we learned that exploring an island on a 4x4 makes it so much better!! We took a tour through Funky Monkey Tours and were able to see so much.  We stopped at some churches that were over 300 years old, old sugar plantations and were able to see both the jungle and beach sides of the islands.  I mostly loved it because my kids did so well.  I get nervous every time we do a tour with how the kids will.  Manilla loved chilling with the wind in his face while holding his rocks.  And Dorothy took a little snooze. :)  And Garrett and I really enjoyed ourselves.  

3) Go on a hike

One morning, we woke up early to do the Mountain Hike.  And by hike, I mean climb.  We started off on a brisk, uphill hike which soon turned into us clinging on to ropes and climbing through mud. Looking back, I think our guide must have been laughing to himself as I showed up in my bright yellow Nikes and was trying my hardest to avoid any puddles.  It was about a 3 hour hike/climb and when we reached the top we were in the middle of a huge cloud.  So we didn’t really get the amazing view, but it was incredible to feel like we were the only ones on a cloud.  Garrett is typically the super coordinated and athletic one, but it all went out the window when we descended the mountain.  He was slipping and sliding the whole time.  Klutz.  

Two awesome restaurants everyone should check out in visiting Nevis is Sunshine's and Chrishi Beach Club. Sunshine’s is notorious for the killer bee drink (which we didn’t try because we don’t drink alcohol) but the food was super fresh and authentic.  We had the pleasure of dining with Hedda, the owner and founder of Chrishi Beach.  She’s from Norway and came to Nevis years ago with her family and hasn’t wanted to leave.  The food was incredible (try the thai salad!) and the atmosphere was so fun.  

We spent 3 nights at the Hermitage Plantation.  It is the cutest little resort up on the hillside with an incredible view.  The resort has these beautiful little southern looking cottages.  When we arrived, we were stoked to see a little family of monkeys in the mango tree outside our room.  There is an awesome grassy area where the kids could run around while we waited for food at a restaurant.  Speaking of, the food at Hermitage Plantation was some of the best food we’ve ever had.  It was such a pleasant surprise.  

Our next 3 nights we spent at Nisbet Plantation.  It was a wonderfully large resort right on the Atlantic Ocean.  It had tons of space between cottages and a wonderful pool and grill right on the beach.  The staff was so incredibly friendly.  Each of the ladies around the resort learned our names and were so friendly and helpful with the kids.

Our last night at Oualie Beach which is quiet and quaint right next to the water.

St. Kitts is bright, fun and fresh.  Nevis is chill, relaxing and beautiful.  I’m so happy we were able to experience both islands of such an incredible country.    

Happy travels all! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family