Hello from Norway!

Norway is incredible. Norwegians are some of the most intelligent, welcoming and beautiful people we've met in our travels. This week we stayed at two INCREDIBLE Airbnbs! The first one was a private island in the south of Norway where we needed a boat to get around. No electricity, no running water and no wifi! It was actually one of the funnest stays we've had as we all just enjoyed playing together in the beautiful region. And the second was an adorable fairy tale cottage in the mountains a few hours north of Oslo. [LINKS TO AIRBNBS BELOW!] Honestly, this week we didn't do much besides just enjoyed living in Norway. We cooked, played hide and seek, cruised around in boats, went to the park, exercised and relaxed. Thank you Norway for being our home away from home. There's so much to see and do here, so we will have to come back! Also, special thank you to Know Roaming for helping us stay connected throughout our travels!

Happy Travels,

The Bucket List Family