St. kitts


St. Kitts was a destination that we stumbled upon.  I now believe it was Heavenly intervention that made it happen.  I haven’t traveled too much within the Caribbean, but I could tell right away that is is one of the hidden gems.  

First of all, when we arrived we went through the Yu Lounge (from a super quick 3-hour flight via Miami Int'l).  This would’ve been a destination in itself.  They picked us up from the airplane in a Roles Royce and drove us over to a lounge.  Their team handled our arrival through immigration, customs and gathering our luggage.  Let me just go ahead and vent real quick how much I hate immigration/customs.  It usually takes forever.  And I usually have 2 winey kids who want nothing more than to run around and get their wiggles out after a long flight.  SO, the Yu Lounge was an incredible treat for us.  Oh, ANDDDD upon our arrival, they served us a delicious small meal, cold beverages, brought the kids over coloring books and gave me a bouquet of flowers.  We almost wished away our time at St. Kitts & Nevis because were so looked forward to Yu Lounge departure.  

Dear Yu Lounge

We love you.  Forever.  


Garrett & Jessica

We were picked up and taken half way around the island to the north shore.  I was surprised to see how mountainous the island was. (Bahamas was so flat).  It was lush and green and beautiful!  It sort of reminded me of Hawaii.  St. Kitts was founded by Columbus in 1492 when he sailed the ocean blue and was colonized by the English.  I adored seeing the old English influence.  

We pulled up to our resort on Kittitian Hill called Bel Mont Farm.  Kittitian Hill sits on 400 acres of beautiful land beneath Mount Liamugia.   The resort itself is so nicely tucked into the mountain.  At the top they have created a replica of an old sugar mill that overlooks all of Kittitian Hill, into the ocean where you can see neighboring islands.  

The cottages are so beautiful.  When we walked into our cottage we were in awe of the high ceilings, beautiful decor, full wall projector, the outdoor bathroom, and the breathtaking view.  Like seriously, we plan on mimicking this exact place when we build our future home

Our first evening was spent at a dinner (without kids - whoopdeewhoop!) called The Farm.  It is an adorable pergola right in the middle of dozens of manicured vegetable rows.  The sun was setting and we watched the head chef walk into the garden and pick some fresh lettuce, then walk over to the plants right behind me and pick some fresh basil and lemongrass.  There were 14 or so of us around a large table.  We met the genius behind Kittitian Hill, Val Kempadoo.    He is a fascinating individual and we were so impressed by his outlook and big vision.  For dinner, we tasted over 20 small dishes to make up a large family-style meal.  This might be the best meal Garrett and I have ever had. Actually, I’m positive it was.  Everything was fresh, organic, unique and oh so delicious. 

The very next morning, we went on a nature hike.  I love places where the land and plants are so influential in day to day life.  We then proceeded to go foraging before breakfast as we took a tour through their nursery.  We ended at a giant mango tree where delicious little bento boxes were prepared for us.  We dined in pinterest-y loving style ever.  

Half of the land on Kittitian Hill makes up one of three, one-hundred percent organic golf courses in the world.  As a family, we took a golf course.  I’m not a golfer.  It runs in the family.  BUT, this was such a fun way to learn.  The instructors were so kind and patient.  And my kids LOVED it.  Dorothy was actually pretty good and was really into it.  She lasted a good 30 minutes of trying to golf.  I was impressed.  When she was done golfing herself, she became my ball feeder.  And she loved that.  And Manilla, well, he loves balls.  So he was in heaven too.  This golf course will soon be the only EDIBLE golf courses in the world!  

Another great meal was at Arthur’s.  It is a newly restored beachside restaurant.  Just as fresh as The Farm, they called it Sea to Fork.  Disclaimer:  I’m pretty proud of myself because over the last year I have grown a love for seafood.  I’ve always wanted to eat it, but I never liked it. And now, I’ll order it when I can!   We ate the most amazing lobster and pumpkin fritters of our lives!  Even if you don't stay at Kittitian Hill, MAKE SURE you eat at Arthur's!

Bel Mont Farm is our new home.  We are so excited for when we get to come back and show everyone.  If you love and appreciate health, nature, fresh, organic food and lifestyle, then this is your heaven!  

It’s always a treat when Garrett gets to play soccer in a different country.  We were able to get in touch with a local soccer team and meet them.  Garrett even went and practiced with them. So THANK YOU St. Paul's United FC for letting Garrett join you guys!  

After a few days on the north end, we traveled to the other side of the island and stayed at the Marriott.  It’s a different feel than Kittitian Hill, but we are glad we were able to experience both sides.  We went on an island tour where we went all the way around the island with a few cool stops like Bassatiere, Brimstone Hill, Black Rocks, and Caribelle Batik.  Our guide, St. Clair educated us on life, history and culture as a Kittitian.  

Another favorite stop in St. Kitts was with Dolphin Discovery.  We’ve done a captured dolphin swim before with the kids and left feeling bad for the dolphins.  So, we were a little leery to try it again here.  But Dolphin Discovery was such an amazing experience!  The trainers were so kind to us and of course, the dolphins.  We had some real quality time with the animals and were able to do multiple skills a few times. Our dolphins were so curious of the kids and they kept misbehaving and coming over to check out Manilla.  Manilla was LOVING the dolphins and the dolphins were LOVING him.  It was the cutest.   

One day, we were lucky enough to spend the whole day as a guest at the Christophe Harbour Pavilion Beach Club.  Christophe Harbour is absolutley stunning new area with luxury homes, a super yacht marina and stunning beaches.  We had a fun day relaxing, practicing our swimming and enjoyed an amazing lunch.  

Well, St. Kitts has stolen our hearts and we will be back.  Let us know if you wanna go, and we will join you!!



Happy travels! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family