TRAVEL DATES : August 2015


Our feelings towards Tahiti should be obvious.  We’ve been there...6 TIMES!  6!!!  This time was a dream scenario that Garrett and I had been planning up for a while.  Garrett grew up with two BFFs… Alex Madsen and Morgan Lyman.  This trip was with those 3 high school sweethearts and their wives.  

We spent 4 days in Rangiroa -- Jessica’s favorite place in the whole wide world.  It’s small, remote, quite, raw and gorgeous!  Not to mention the pod of bottlenose dolphins that cruise a channel there most of the day.  It has some of the most epic scuba diving in the world.  This time around, we saw those dolphins up close in the water.  Jess freaked out.  And then pees her wetsuit.  Best .moment. of. her. life.  We cruised around on bikes, worked out staring at the bay, and snorkeled the channel.  Oh, and we stayed at the Ah-mazing Maitai Rangiroa.  

The next 5 days were spent on a yacht.  Well, we sound all Beyonce saying yacht… but we chartered a private boat (catamaran) from Tahiti Yacht Charter and sailed around Raiatea, Taha’a and Bora Bora.   Ah man, this form of travel is highly underrated.  It was way more affordable that we had ever imagined and way more fun.  We plan to do much more of this in our future.  The boat came with a captain, “Captain Alex,” and a private chef, Haineti.  We love Captain Alex and Haineti.   I could go on forever about our amazing experience on this boat, but better to just watch the videos…



Happy travels! Sincerely, The Bucket List Family