It's our 3rd year back to the Kingdom of Tonga!

Tonga an extra special place for our family and we're so happy to be back where our travels really began.

This year we had some really special experiences with the whales. And, we brought some new friends - Derek Hough, Brooks Laich, and Chloe Egbert. It is so special watching someone see and experience humpback whales in the water for their first time.

The most exciting moment was when each of the kids joined us for a day on the boat. They were so brave and excited to see the whales. The moments when we were all in the water together as a family (Cali was on the boat) with the whales was one of the most special moments we've ever shared.

This is our last video as a full-time traveling family. We'll still continue to do a weekly video even once we return HOME (sounds weird!) to Hawaii.

Happy travels everyone!

Sincerely, The Bucket List Family