We LOVE Switzerland!  Like, LOVE love.  It's one of the most stunning countries we've ever seen and there is SO much to do and see here.  We've crossed off a few items on our Swiss Bucket List like swimming in Valle Verzarsca, hiking to the Matterhorn, and eating enough Swiss chocolate for a year!.. but what's on YOUR Swiss Bucket List?! We want to help you make it happen!

We've teamed up with Swiss Airlines to gift away $2000 flight credit and $1500 spending money!!


STEP 1 : Post to Instagram!  We want to know what is on your Swiss Bucket List?!  Start off by saying "Dear @thebucketlistfamily, At the top of my #SwissBucketList list is... " Include in your Instagram post what you've always dreamed of doing or seeing in Switzerland.  

IMPORTANT : Use hashtag #SwissBucketList.  Tag AND Mention @thebucketlistfamily and @flyswiss in your post. Tagging and Mentioning are two different things. Please make sure you do BOTH so we can see your post. NOTE : we will not be able to view your entry if your account is private. It works if you make your account public just for 1 week so we can see your entry and then switch it back to private.    

STEP 2 : Make sure you are following @thebucketlistfamily 

STEP 3 : Make sure you are following @flyswiss


We will accept submissions for this gift from August 13-20th.  We will carefully select an individual to receive this special gift. Because many individuals and families want and deserve this trip but we can only gift 1, we hope everyone will keep a positive and kind attitude towards all individuals and groups involved :) Best of luck to everyone!! Much love to all!!

Sincerely, The Bucket List Family

ABOUT US : Two years ago we sold everything and left on this family adventure around the world! Since the beginning, it has been our family goal to share the blessing of travel with others! We've gifted trips to the BahamasDubaiDisneyland, and this time : SWITZERLAND!! 

Our Switzerland Video :


Official Rules, Terms, Requirements, and Kindness

Here is the fine print for people who like diving deep into rules better than they like diving deep into the deep blue ocean. Also, to keep us, The Bucket List Family and the wonderful individuals and companies we collaborate with, perfectly safe from drama and legal issues.

- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all other networks involved are automatically and completely released by each entrant or participant. The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other network involved.

-The individual chosen agrees to allow The Bucket List Family and Swiss Airlines to use the family names and likeness in social media posts

- No purchase necessary of anything to participate. To be considered for the trip you don't officially need to complete any of the steps or do anything. This is just a gift. Not a contest. Nothing is required of you. But remember, the galaxy favors those who put forth special effort.   

- Posting deadline is August 20, 2017.  Life on the road with 2 young children can be crazy so schedules change all the time. No guarantees on our exact schedule.  Winner will be notified before August 28, 2017.  These dates are simply our hopes and plans. We are simply trying to do something good and we are unsure of what obstacles may come up along the way or what will be best for this well intentioned act of kindness.  

- We will accept submissions across the globe, not just the United States.

- More than a giveaway, this is simply a gift from Garrett and Jessica and Dorothy and Manilla Gee. Each of us are free from responsibility and are not liable for any problems that may arise. Manilla doesn't have any responsibilities or chores at all because he just turned 2. As we are currently traveling around the world, no solid home address is currently available. But a really solid email address is

- The odds of receiving this gift will depend on the amount of names and stories submitted. If you do not receive the gift, that is okay, you should not be angry or take any negative actions. Instead, we suggest being happy for the individuals that did receive the gift. Never take legal action. "Have courage and be kind." - Mother of Ella

- The gift offered will hopefully be chosen before August 28, 2017. The chosen will be notified by email or Snapchat, or Instagram, or telephone, or maybe in person. Whatever is best and makes the event most special and memorable for all parties involved. We may not post the chosen family on social media in order to protect their identity. 

- Flight voucher and money will be provided to winner via PayPal or VISA gift card.

- We are human. Therefore, there is a chance that this text and or gift will have errors or typos or mistakes and maybe even legal loopholes. The Bucket List Family has the right to fix any typos or mistakes or cover any loopholes or do anything necessary that will keep them and other parties involved legally safe and free. By participating in any way, you give The Bucket List Family compassion and understanding that they only want to do good and they do not wish harm or drama or even disappointment on anyone. By participating, you agree to not take any legal or negative action on The Bucket List Family or any of its individuals. Please be nice. 

- Swiss Airlines, its agents and employees also shall be free from all liabilities and claims from this campaign.

- Our hats off to you for reading so much legal jargon. We considered gifting everyone who read this far with a limited edition Swiss Army Knife but we're actually not too sure if we support legal and technical stuff like this sooo not this time but maybe in future trip gifts we will sneak a special surprise in here. 

Thank you for reading these very official rules. You just read a lot of words that were both technical and official. We hope you have a good day.


The Bucket List Family